At Motherhood on Purpose, we believe that you should live a meaningful, purposeful life.

We believe in you.  You are an amazing woman with amazing talents, a unique set of skills, personality traits and a heart and soul destined for success, happiness and fulfillment.  Most importantly, you have dreams and aspirations to do something bigger than anything you have ever imagined.

Whether you believe it or not :: You are BRAVE, You are COURAGEOUS, You have a PURPOSE

And we want to help you discover it.

Motherhood on Purpose was created to support and connect you with a community of mothers and women all over the world choosing to live a life of purpose and confidence as we all work (together, mind you) towards balance, unique self-identity and fulfillment.  And no, you will never do this alone.  We have a FREE Community for that 😉

Through our free content, paid online courses and training programs, and anything else we might offer, our primary and only goal is to help you reach your ultimate goals and dreams – whatever they might be.  That’s the beauty of all of this – we are all on the same, but different, journey.  But we collectively come together to make a difference (whatever that is for you).

Isn’t that gorgeous?

Whether you are a seasoned mother, a new mother, a pregnant mother, thinking about becoming pregnant or cringe at the thought of motherhood, we invite you to join us.  This path of motherhood and worldwide love for women is something that we treasure and we hope that you will hop on the magic carpet ride with us, buckle up, hug a sister and gear up for a fulfilling good time.

Disclaimer: Our commitment to you is to give 110% (and a bit more) of ourselves to you.  We will be open, we will be raw, authentic and loving.  However, please do not expect us to be perfect…because we are far from it!  We are just mamas walking this path alongside of you.   BUT!  Please DO expect us to offer thought-provoking ideas and content, our personal experiences, mama-insights, and true devotion to each and every one of you.  We promise to give of ourselves and hope to bless each and every woman that comes into our life and business.

Thank you so much for stopping by, we look forward to getting to know you.  Be sure to check out our FREE Community, take a tour around our Learn section (jam-packed with tons of goodies) and read up on what we are up to on our Blog.




Mara & Megan



Meet MaraMara Watts Bio Pic

Mara Watts is an Asheville-based mamapreneur – a mother to two amazing children, a lover of words, a creative idea generator and a connection and relationship builder.  She helps mothers all over the globe fall in love with themselves, discover balance, self-identity and a sense of purpose. Her passions include business and social media strategies as well as reading, playing the piano, dancing and centering on her yoga mat with her 2.5 year old daughter. Through her work, it is Mara’s goal and dream to create an online, world-wide place where mothers of all walks of life can call “home” – to feel held, loved and supported.


She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future ~ Proverbs 31:25



Meet Megan

There were many things that Megan spent her childhood praying for, but one of the most recurrent prayers was to one day become a wife and mother Thankfully, God knows our hearts and blessed Megan with her dreams. Megan is a wife to her husband, and a mother to three beautiful and full of life children. She strives daily to keep her family at the top of her priority list. When it comes to motherhood, Megan loves the blissfulness, as well as the challenges. She is humbled by God’s blessings in her life and does not want to take anything for granted. Megan has always had a strong passion for helping others. She enjoys meeting people, hearing about their “life”, and loves to offer a listening ear or helping hand when she can. Megan knows being a mother is not an easy task. She sees the importance of having a community of support and love during motherhood. Currently, through Motherhood on Purpose, Megan gets to live out more of her life’s desires by meeting and connecting with others, sharing info, and offering support.


Oh give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever. ~1 Chronicles 17:34