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10 Ways to Care for Yourself in 2018

With the ringing in this new year, why don’t we commit to taking some time for ourselves?  Yes, that is right mamas—carve out some “me time”.  Moms always put all other things in front of their own needs and desires.  God designed us to be giving, loving, and nurturing.  It’s just what we do. With all of the giving and loving and nurturing, it is very important that moms take the time to recharge and refuel their tank.  Mothers cannot continue to be all that they have to be without practicing self care.  To be your best self you have to give back to yourself.  Below are some ways to care for yourself in 2018. 

10 Ways to Care for Yourself in 2018

 1.  Center Yourself-Get back to you!

Do you feel like you have lost yourself somewhere along the way?  Find yourself again—-focus on your hopes and dreams. 

2.  Get Organized

Having organization in your life helps relief chaos and confusion.  By organizing your life and spaces you can be focused and driven.

3.  Plan

Plan your life.   Being intentional with time and task brings about productivity and a sense of accomplishment.  It also brings about self-satisfaction.  

4.  Make Commitments to Yourself

Commit to doing things that will healthily enhance your life.  It is like investing in yourself.    

5.  Set Boundaries

It is healthy to set boundaries for yourself.  As hard as it is, sometimes we have to say no!  By setting boundaries, you can prevent yourself from being spread to thin. 

6.  Be Healthy

Make taking care of your mind, body, and soul a priority.  With keeping these aspects of your life in top shape, you can be your best for others. 

7.  Carve out “Me Time”

Find time to be you.  Whether that means being totally alone or with a friend, make time to do something you enjoy doing (aside from your wife, mother, or work).

8.  Branch Out

 It is very easy to get stuck in a rut, especially when you are giving so much of yourself to others.  Branch out of your normal!  In doing so you can discover so much about yourself! 

9.  Seek Help

Sometimes even Superwoman has to to join forces with others. 🙂  It is healthy to admit when we can use help in our lives. 

10.  Pray

God releases His blessings when we come to Him in prayer.  He wants us to ask in order to receive.  Prayer is a powerful and rewarding practice. 


Here’s to a blessed, fulfilled, and prosperous 2018.  Focus on yourself so you can be enriched, healthy and happy.  In doing so, you will be able to give the most and best of yourself in the way that God designed.  <3





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