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Balancing Motherhood and a Business ~ Part 2, Prioritizing Tasks

Remember that blog post I wrote months ago on brain dumps? Yea…this is the followup (sorry about that long white noise silence that came with it!).

In this post, I want to share with you a little bit about prioritizing tasks and how I go about doing that. And it’s actually not as hard as it may seem.

Let’s Prioritize

1. Categorize Tasks

Grab that brain dump paper. You should have every single task you’ve thought of written down, in no particular order. The first step in this process is to categorize.

I like to categorize tasks by notating each task as the following:

~ VI: Very Important (must get done this week, if not sooner)
~ KI: Kinda Important (needs to get done in time, but doesn’t have to be this week)
~ N: Neutral (these tasks aren’t high priority, and honestly, someone else could do them)
~ NI: Not Important (these tasks could wait a while, and honestly, don’t matter that much)

After notating with the above, I rewrite my brain dump in order of importance. My “Very Important” tasks are written at the top of the page, while “Not Important” tasks are written at the very bottom.

2. Highlight High Priority Tasks

Only looking at “Very Important” and “Kinda Important” tasks, highlight up to 5 tasks that can be completed in a 5-day work week.

Schedule these tasks in your upcoming week with deadlines.  Only schedule 1 “Very Important” task per day, this will keep you free from overwhelm!

3. Pass Off Less Important Tasks

Now take a look at the “Neutral” and “Not Important” tasks. Begin by asking yourself, what tasks can I delegate? Meaning, who else can do this task? If you can assign the task or delegate to a partner, spouse, business partner or friend – do! This will take a task off of your plate.

Then, ask yourself, what tasks can I eliminate from my list? Meaning, if there is a task that adds no value to your life, or is completely irrelevant – eliminate it! Or, if you find that you’d like to keep the task on your list, can it be delegated?

Continue this process until you have worked through all tasks.

And that’s it! That is IT for prioritizing your weekly tasks. Be sure to schedule top priority tasks and forget (for now) the tasks that add no value for you this week.  It’s ok to not take on everything! Seriously!

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