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Living Abundantly ~ An Interview with Nicole Annette, Journal Junky

I first met Nicole Annette, the founder and owner of Journal Junky, a few years ago at a Brian Biro talk.  At the time, I was working with an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, and Nicole had previously met with and worked with my boss (Tom Ryan).

When we first said “hello” and shook hands, I knew Nicole was special.  She brought so much light into the room and to the conversation, she is an incredible person with an incredible story.  Her story has brought her to where she is today, a journey of illness, reflection and healing.  Nicole is amazing.  Simply amazing.

I recently attended one of her local workshops here in Asheville.  She called it the Bloom! Workshop, named after one of her beautiful guided journals.  Never in my life have I learned so much in such a short time.  I learned so much about myself, my story and my ability to embrace my story without it overpowering me and my being.

Nicole has a superpower.  She gives you the space to re-write your story.  To release that which does not serve you and begin writing the story that DOES.

Oh I’m getting goosebumps.


And so I asked Nicole to join me in my Motherhood on Balance Summit.  A summit meant to inspire moms all over the world to own their own journey with this “unicorn” named Balance.

In our interview, Nicole speaks from her heart.  She talks about her story, how she found balance in the stillness, in reflection, in writing.  And how she now gives from her saucer instead of her cup (you HAVE to watch this!)


Hit play, then leave a comment.  Let me know how this interview touched you, what you learned – your nuggets of inspiration.

Then I invite you to connect with Nicole.  Here is a little bit about Nicole:

“I believe in the power of writing to change stories, to capture moments and memories otherwise forgotten, to heal, to foster communication, and to strengthen relationships. I believe that we all have a story that needs to be remembered and perhaps even shared.

My work is influenced by my love of nature, a strong sense of family togetherness, a love of old & simple things, and of course the amazing stories of others. I am drawn to those of age and wisdom. I find it important to listen to and learn from the world.

I started Journal Junky® in 2008 to enhance the lives of my family, and now I offer journals and workshops to enhance the lives of others.”

xo Nicole Annette M.Ed.
Journal Junky®

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