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The Importance of Nighttime Routines

I’m a huge fan of intention setting and mindfulness. As a yoga instructor, I’m constantly telling my clients to set intentions for their practice and to practice mindfulness within their lives on and off of the mat. But when it comes to mindful technology and intentional nighttime routines, I never thought of the two going together – that is until I met Russell and his team at Atbay. Psst, they’re launching a Kickstarter today! The guys at Atbay are gurus…

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A Father’s Day Devotion

Becoming a parent, I was very overwhelmed. So many parenting books, mom blogs, Pinterest pins, and advice coming out from the woodworks left and right. I would think I’d have something figured out, like our feeding schedule, but then read the next day something on how feeding schedules were an abomination to all parenting and children should only eat when they want to eat. But then another book disagrees with that, saying that letting your children lead gives them too…

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When God Speaks

This is a picture of a whole bunch of our Trust bracelets. Aren’t they beautiful? I was talking with Adam the other day while making a large order. He was sitting on the couch, I was on the floor. After making a bracelet, I would add them to the pile and write a tick mark on my inventory tracker. The order was for 150, I was up to 111. I felt successful, but I also felt a deep sense of…

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Gracefully Jane ~ Retailer Spotlight

Things are really picking up here at Motherhood on Purpose and we couldn’t be any more blessed, thankful, and encouraged by what God is doing through our business. It brings tears of joy to our eyes! To kick things off, we wanted to share with you our latest brand partnership!! Introducing Gracefully Jane Boutique! Gracefully Jane is an online boutique featuring the latest in women’s and children’s clothing and accessories. The company is based out of Fort Worth, Texas and…

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The Meaning Behind Our Bracelets

There is so much meaning behind our prayer bracelets to me.  First, it is a symbol of religion for me.  The meaning behind each bracelet is tied into Christianity.  Each bracelet represents that meaning to me and is a reminder of God’s promises to us.   I view them as a way to always have a reminder of God with me.  I also see them as a symbol of companionship in motherhood.  We had religion and mothers as our driving force…

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Making the Most of Your 2018 Planner

A wise man once told me (ah-hmm…sometimes the husband quotes at the perfect time :p), “Poor planning equals poor performance.”  There have been a few stand out times in my life when I got totally overwhelmed and lost all sense of direction.  It was usually times when I had way too many irons in the fire.  I took on more and more, lost myself, and completely shut down.  At those moments in my life, I was clearly reminded how important…

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Welcoming God into Your Business + Devotional and Yoga

This blog is a combination of Mara & Megan’s words! We wanted to start something new this year and write together, especially when it comes to our collective passions. We thought it would be something neat to give our readers, as it showcases our individual voices in a way that is unique but still offers you insight into who we are as mothers and followers of Christ. We hope you enjoy our first collective blog: “Welcoming God into Your Business”…

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10 Ways to Care for Yourself in 2018

With the ringing in this new year, why don’t we commit to taking some time for ourselves?  Yes, that is right mamas—carve out some “me time”.  Moms always put all other things in front of their own needs and desires.  God designed us to be giving, loving, and nurturing.  It’s just what we do. With all of the giving and loving and nurturing, it is very important that moms take the time to recharge and refuel their tank.  Mothers cannot…

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Meditating on God’s Word

I remember when I first started practicing yoga. I was in college and had heard from several friends that the Vinyasa class on Thursdays was the best. I had never been to a group exercise class before and was a little intimidated by the thought of doing yoga around a bunch of strangers. What if they think I’m terrible at it? I’m so not flexible, is the instructor going to make us do crazy poses? What the heck is downward…

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Setting a New Years Intention + Devotional

Until New Years Eve 2016, I’ve always set New Year’s resolutions. I was always so pumped to start a new year off right and get into new, positive, and healthy habits. For example, almost every year I felt a tug at my heartstrings around drinking more water. If I’m being completely honest with you right now, I hate drinking water. I know I should and I know it’s essential to my life and well-being. But I hate drinking water. It’s…

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