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A well-written business plan is a powerful & actionable part of your business.  Those with a thought-out plan:

  • Clearly communicate their vision and business mission
  • Set and achieve their actionable goals
  • Are prepared for business presentations
  • Understand their market and target customer(s)


Start off on the right foot – plan it all out before you jump the gun on writing

Mara Watts has been writing business plans for over 10 years and understands the frustrations (time, money, research, time away from your business, etc) that it takes to write one.  But, she also understands how important a business plan is to have on hand for every business owner.  But where do you start?  With a plan, of course!  And that is why Mara developed this Business Plan Brainstorm Template as a gift to you, to help you plan the plan before you become overwhelmed with information and research.  This guide literally guides you through the process of thinking through the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE & WHY of your business.   We hope you enjoy!

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