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I am so excited to introduce you to a new mom and entrepreneur friend of mine.  I met MeLisa Dill from a networking and business Facebook group, when I was searching for new ladies to interview and share with you on the podcast.  I had posted something like, “Hey!  I’m looking to interview inspiring moms with really cool stories,” and MeLisa wrote back something like, “are you open to Christian women?  I have an inspiring story that I would love to share.”  And yes, yes of course Christian women are welcome (I am one myself, you know)!  And so I invited her to join me, to talk about her life and her journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

MeLisa’s story is incredible.  In the episode, she speaks to living her work life to further someone else’s dream at the expense of a boss that did not appreciate her or have her best interest at heart.  MeLisa was torn, but she felt led and called to leave and to pursue a new journey – becoming a Virtual Assistant!  When you listen to her story, I am sure that you will fall in love with her; MeLisa is a kind-hearted, loving, wonderful woman with a heart for Jesus.

From listening and talking with her, MeLisa has inspired me beyond words.  She has encouraged me to live out my personal purpose, to focus on that which I have been called to do and to love on my tribe (both local and virtual).  MeLisa really has it all figured out.  With the help of the Lord, MeLisa has climbed mountains and jumped off with huge success.



She is simply awesome, to say the least.



MeLisa’s Bio:

MeLisa Dill holds four amazing titles.  First, she is a Christian.  Seventeen years ago, the Lord saved her from a path of chaos and started her on a great Christian journey.  Right around the same time, He blessed her with the title of wife.  She is very humbled and thankful to have a man who loves and provides for her family.  With her husband, MeLisa now has four boys!  So, Mom is her third title.  Her children are rambunctious, kind, LOUD, and loving individuals that hold MeLisa’s heart.  Her last title is new in comparison, and that is business owner.  MeLisa is a Virtual Assistant (VA), now dabbling in Online Business Management (OBM).  Her passion for her business is to empower women entrepreneurs with either the knowledge to help them grow their business or the helping hand to support their business growth.  Either way, MeLisa is here to help you succeed, Momma!



For more info, and to connect with MeLisa, click one of the links below:



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    August 2, 2017 at 12:43 pm

    Hey! MeLisa is MY virtual assistant (who quickly became one of my favorite people on the whole planet!) She truly is an amazing blessing to me and everyone who even briefly encounters her – it doesn’t take long to figure out that she is a woman who is living ON and WITH PURPOSE! Excited to see where God is going to take this wonderful woman ❤️

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