Welcome to The 8-Day Motherhood on Balance Summit with Mara Watts



This summit was born out of stillness.  I was literally laying in the bed in February of 2017 with the flu, when I had an exciting idea that would allow me the opportunity to connect with all of the women that I dearly love and respect in my life (along with some new mama-friends!).   It was in the stillness that I realized balance was something that I truly desired for my life, and I wanted to know how my fellow mamas “did it”.  What I found out, over the course of recording the interviews, was – I’m not alone, and neither are you.

Why not create a virtual summit, filled with inspiring and amazing mothers, doing amazing things in the world…All while working on this thing called “BALANCE”!?

It was genius.

My vision is to share women doing amazing things all while balancing (or attempting to balance) life, motherhood, a career, the dishes, laundry, bills, and everything else life throws at them…with a purposeful mindset.  All of the mothers were hand-selected (and boy, oh boy, are their voices and stories radical and enlivening).

So I grabbed my computer, wrote some personal emails and got to it.  And WOWZERS, what a wonderful journey this has been already.  Each woman and mother has opened up and shared her life, how she struggles with balance but embraces her purpose.  The level of raw-ity (is that even a word?) was and is indescribable.  These ladies are so powerful, they are full of life and have so much to give to the world – I am in awe of each individual woman.

I invite you to join me on this 8-day journey.  It is TOTALLY free, inspiring, enlivening, uplifting, encouraging and most importantly, REAL.

During the summit, you will:

  1. Learn from other mothers, just like you, living a life of purpose all while trying their best to juggle and balance the day-to-day.
  2. Receive tips, tricks and advice from some of the most intuitive and soul-centered women.
  3. Receive freebies, goodies and community from several of the mamas.
  4. Have the opportunity to join our amazing FREE Online Community to discuss, love on each other, connect and walk through the summit together.  We are all on this journey together!

The summit begins Monday, May 1st, 2017 at 9am.  I will show up in your inbox each morning for 8 days with videos, freebies, and love notes.

The line-up is PHENOMENAL!  Check out who’s joining me…

We will begin our time with the AMAZING Nicole Annette, founder of Journal Junky

This summit has ended, but be on the lookout for another summit coming in 2018!

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