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Planning for The Holidays

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The Holiday Season is surely upon us, and Christmas Day is so close we can smell it!  This truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  Everything is merry and bright, and everywhere we turn we see the festiveness and cheer.  There are a lot of things surrounding this happy season.  It is a time for making memories, hosting holiday parties, doing holiday shopping, traveling for vacations or to visit family, and the list goes on and on.  Did we fail to mention that all of this holiday fun is in addition to regular everyday life responsibilities?  Yes, that is right…..We still have to work, we still have to be a mother, and we still have to run our household.  So, how exactly are we supposed to accomplish all of the Holiday and regular life-ness?  The key to keeping order and function in super busy times is planning!

Planning helps us know what is ahead, how much we have to accomplish, and how and when we are going to accomplish our tasks.  Planning also helps us see if we need to ask for help because we have so much to complete.  Having a plan is like having a map to guide your way through life.  It helps reduce uncertainty, stress, chaos, and so much more.

Are you wondering how to begin planning for the Holiday Season?  No worries, you are in the right place!  We have planning and organizing chaos down to a few simple steps.  We will start by planning for our planning. 🙂 It is helpful to start with your typical life plans and your holiday plans separately.  After each are planned we will merge and schedule the two together.

To start your Holiday planning think about what your Holiday Season consists of for you and your family.  Do you host parties?  Do you travel?  Do you exchange presents?  Start with making a list of what needs to happen for your Holiday.  List everything out.  Do not leave a task unlisted because that leaves the chance for that task to be forgotten.  Listing out all of your Holiday to do’s, will help eliminate uncertainty, stress, and any “opps I forgot” emergency situations.  Once you have a list of all your Holiday consists of, start making lists for each component.  Make a gift list, a travel list, a party list, etc.  Doing this allows you to see all that needs to be finished and what you need to make it happen.

In addition to Holiday planning, you need to do your regular life planning and schedule.  If you need help with life planning and scheduling, join our Facebook group, Motherhood on Purpose with Mara and Megan.  We have tips, documents, videos, and more. Join here: Motherhood On Purpose with Mara and Megan Also, click this link for a video specifically for daily planning: Daily Planning.

After your typical plans and schedule are in place, it is time to merge those and the Holiday plans.  Schedule all of your Holiday plans around your regular schedule.  It is important to schedule the most urgent tasks first and then schedule the rest accordingly.  If there is a conflict between two tasks, ask for help!  Delegate tasks if needed.  With plans and schedules in place you are likely to have a Holiday with less stress and last minute hustling.

You now can rest a little more peacefully knowing what you have to do and when you are going to do it.  Using these simple planning tips will help you tackle all the responsibilities of the Holiday Season very smoothly.  All that is left is happily focusing on making precious memories and truly enjoying your Holiday!

To help make all this planning for the Holidays even easier, get our FREE Holiday Planning Guide.  It has documents to make planning a breeze.  We suggest starting with the Holiday To-Do’s Document to begin listing out tasks and events that need completed.  Use the remaining documents to bring more Holiday tasks and events to a unified order.  Simply fill out the form below to get your FREE Holiday Planning Guide sent directly to your email.  Merry Christmas to you!


Grab Your Holiday Planning Guide

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Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas!

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