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Tips for a Stress Free Holiday

The Holiday Season is the most wonderful time of the year. It is impossible to not get swept into the Holiday spirit with all the cheer being spread around. For business owners, the Holiday Season can be a very rewarding time of year, but it can also be a very STRESSFUL time. Product demand is usually amped up around the holidays, as well as time demand. It can be very hard juggling all the demands and holiday festivities. Well, that is where we step in! We have some tips to help you keep stress at bay during this exciting and BIZ-y time, so you can actually enjoy your holidays!

Tips for a Stress Free Holiday

1. Mentally Prepare
There is always more work to do for a holiday. You have to hustle to prepare for an upcoming holiday and then you have to hustle to catch up after that holiday has passed. It is the same scenario every year, so we need to go ahead and prepare ourselves mentally for the extra hustle and bustle. Preparing yourself for the “expected” will help take the edge off when the extra work load appears.

2. Plan
Planning for the holiday rush in your business is key to combating stress. Have systems and strategies planned out for the extra busy time. It is also a good time to prioritize tasks.  A good idea is to have several plans….for example if something goes astray with your original plan, plan B or plan C would come in handy. 

3. Make a Schedule
Scheduling out time creates productivity and eliminates confusion and wasted time. Make a schedule for any and everything. Prioritize your to do list in order of importance and then schedule specific times for these tasks. Remember to also be flexible. Things will arise—and it is ok! Step back, rearrange, and then get back on track.

4. Communicate
Commination is the key! Handling issues in an appropriate manner and encouraging open communication will produce a better workplace environment.

5. Ask for support
Do not set yourself up to fail before you have even begun. If the holidays ensure a heavier work load for you, ask for support. Avoid overloading yourself. Make sure to take measures to absorb the extra work. Delegate tasks if you cannot handle everything on your own.

6. Set Boundaries
Just because it is the holiday season does not mean we should throw all caution to the wind. Do not overwhelm yourself by taking on and doing too much. In the heat of the season we can try to accomplish and be EVERYTHING, but sometimes we have to say “no”. Saying no may sometimes be hard to do, but it is imperative if it means keeping your business and yourself on track.  Take on what is possible and decline to anything beyond.  

7. Stay Healthy
When the tough gets going, business owners tend to put everything in front of their own needs. This is the wrong thing to do. When you are stretching yourself thin at work, you must take care of yourself in all other aspects. Eat well and rest. You will not be productive if you wear yourself down by not taking care of your physical and health needs. Prepare meals and snacks in advance, take vitamins, schedule in “me time”, and get adequate sleep at night.

8. Have an Outlet-A Stress Reliever
It is very important to have a way to reduce your stress. This is true for everyday life and especially true for the holiday hustle. Figure out the most effective way for you to clear your mind and zone out. You need to think about enjoyable things outside of your work—or you could even think about NOTHING. Clearing your mind, resetting yourself, and decompressing will give you the much needed break you deserve to make it through the difficult times.

9. Stay Positive
Mind over matter is a legit thing. Our minds and attitudes are such powerful tools. Whatever you tell yourself is what will be. If you pump yourself up to have a happy and healthy busy season, that is exactly how it will go. If you convince yourself how terrible and stressful something is, you will make it become exactly that way. Looking for the positive in even the most difficult situations can greatly increase your mood in a positive way, which can increase the probability of a positive outcome.

10. Enjoy the Holiday
Underneath it all, we still have a wonderful holiday to celebrate! Get in the spirit! You do not want to be so caught up in the stresses of the season, that you totally miss the beauty and true meaning behind this season. Remind yourself to be in the holiday spirit. Do not look back on your life and realize you were too caught up in work to enjoy one of the happiest times of the year. Take to step back, take in a deep breath, and enjoy the holiday festiveness.

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