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The Beauty of Adoption, an Interview with Teri Prichard


Adoption is amazing.  It is the greatest gift that I was given in this life.  Which brings intrigue and curiosity when it comes to other stories similar to mine.

I recently met Teri Prichard in a business group that we are both in.  I was struggling with figuring out the details around planning and executing a retreat for women and mothers.  Teri graciously gave me an hour of her time to think through the details, to give me insight and the how-to.  I was so grateful for her kind and sweet spirit.

But what I didn’t know was that our stories, our personal stories, align.  And so beautifully!  Teri is the mother to 5 GORGEOUS children, a wife, a scrapbooker, business woman – she is RAD!  And I’m so excited to share her with you in our newest podcast episode, “The Beauty of Adoption, an Interview with Teri Prichard”.



About Teri:

I am the mother of five. All five have their own story and all five have my heart.  I am creative and love anything with words and photos.  My favorite place is in my garden and I always have one or two books that I am reading.  My kids are where I spend most of my time but I also have a heart for business and can be found running a few of my own businesses.  Chai tea is my friend!


My Social Media:


https://www.instagram.com/prichardsix/   Instagram is my favorite place
http://www.prichardsix.com/                      Our blog for many years now
http://rightbrainleftbrainvirtualassistant.com/  My VA business combining my love of numbers and photography

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