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Moms Can: Code…Too! ~ An Interview with Founder & CEO Erica Peterson

I’ve always thought of coding as a foreign language – something that I would never be able to touch, understand or be able to apply in my business or life. But according to Moms Can: Code Founder and CEO, Erica Peterson, anyone can access coding; especially moms! When I was first introduced to Erica, I was amazed as I started digging into her background and work. She is literally changing the face of, shifting the perspective of and making the coding industry completely and totally accessible to all.  It is the coolest thing.

Not only has she shifted perspectives, Erica has also created a community around the coding world and motherhood. Helping moms to understand their potential while still living out their day-to-day. Her vision is big, her heart is bigger.  I can’t wait for you to hear from her on our recent podcast episode:


moms can code erica peterson


Erica Peterson is the Founder & CEO of Moms Can: Code, an online community that connects moms who are learning or want to learn how to code. Erica is very passionate about exposing women and children to STEM. Erica was recently selected as a member of Pittsburgh’s The Incline Who’s Next: Education class for her work as Founder & Board President of Science Tots, a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that connects families with the instruction and tools to power early STEAM learning. Erica holds a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from West Virginia University.

Moms Can: Code
Twitter: @momscancodePGH
IG: @momscancode
Pinterest: @momscancode


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