These are a few of my favorite THINGS!

This is my personal shop full of some of the items in life that make me happy, and speak to how I live my life of purpose, passion and BRAVE (my one word for 2017).  I hope that you enjoy these products as much as I do.






  • Mala Bead Bracelet/Jewelry: My mala bracelet plays a huge part in my life.  When I wear it, it reminds me to be calm, to live my purpose and to take everything with a deep breath and care.  I received my first mala bead bracelet upon completion of my yoga teacher training in 2014, so the bracelet also represents the journey I took while learning something I love so dearly.  Here is a beautiful mala bracelet for you to enjoy HERE
  • Toms Shoes: These were the first pair of Toms I ever owned (I own several now).  Buying and wearing this brand is so important to me because of (1) how much I love the style, and (2) what the company stands for and their impact on the people of this world.  These shoes give purpose to each person that wears them.  You can find a pair you love HERE
  • Photo Frames:  I love displaying photos of my family.  Their smiles and love shine through in each picture, which is why I love filling up photo frames and hanging them on the walls in our home.  Just looking at the photos helps to remind me of my purpose.  Why I am here on this earth.  HERE is one of my favorite ways of displaying precious memories.


  • The 52 Lists Project Journal: This little journal was meant for my fellow list lovers.  I’m a believer that lists allow you to open up your inner creativity and “get things done”, allowing for more BALANCE!  And this journal is powerful in that it does just that.  You can get yours HERE
  • A REALLY Good Yoga Mat: When I feel imbalanced, or overwhelmed, just walking onto my squishy yoga mat to breathe and let go of the day is usually the “medicine” that I need to feel back in balance.  Yoga is a form of self-care for me, and a really good yoga mat, like the Manduka Yoga Mats, is ALWAYS a great addition to my life.  You can get my favorite yoga mat HERE
  • A Teapot of course!: Anyone that knows me knows that I love coffee to wake up and tea to nourish my heart and soul.  So of course, I need a beautiful, functional teapot to infuse the herbs and flowers with (I’m a sucker for a yummy floral tea).  You can grab up my favorite teapot right HERE
  • An Essential Oil Diffuser:  I run essential oil diffusers all day long.  Not only do they smell good, I can also use certain oils to help lift my spirits, mood and overall being.  I’ve tried many diffusers and THIS ONE is my favorite.  I’m also a huge fan of the car diffusers that you can find HERE
  • Delicious Granola: And not just any granola, but Love Crunch organic granola with chocolate and coconut.  Talk about YUM!  I start my morning with a big bowl of this granola and some french vanilla yogurt.  It puts a smile on my face and my tummy loves it.  You can get your own bag HERE

Brave (Mara’s Word for 2017)

  • Be Brave Mama Bear Sign: My word for 2017 is “Brave”.  This little wood block is a gorgeous reminder that this Mama Bear IS Brave.  See it HERE
  • Brave, The Movie: Disney is my hero for making this movie!!  Brave is a beautiful story of a fiery red-headed princess heroically and attempting to undo a curse on her family before it is too late.  This movie will literally keep you on the edge of your seat – it is THAT good!  You can get your DVD or BlueRay version HERE
  • The Song, “Brave”, by Sara Bareilles:  Sara is probably one of my utmost favorite artists in the…entire world.  Her song, Brave, speaks volumes in that we should all be brave in the skin we are in.  You can take a listen, and even purchase the song HERE

Feel Goods

  • A Cute Coffee Mug: I tend to only drink out of whimsical cups or mugs, because YOLO and it makes the experience ten times better!  I personally have a raccoon mug that my kids gave me for Christmas and now I’m obsessed with THIS OWL MUG.  It’s Harry Potter, ya’ll!
  • A Succulent Planter: Plants make me happy, succulents make me joyful.  There’s something about their simplicity and fullness.  They remind me of life.  And I love this hanging planter – you can grab one HERE
  • Put a Little Color in Your Projects: I’m totally digging this rainbow and cloud tape dispenser!  How cute is it?!  Check it out HERE
  • Essential Oils: I love my diffuser, but what would it be without my favorite essential oils?? The NOW oils are my favorite.  They come in large bottles, last forever, and smell divine!  You can get your package of oils HERE
  • Organic Hibiscus Tea (BULK): Delicious!  This is by far my favorite type of tea.  I also love the hibiscus flower.  This comes in bulk, is organic and can be used in the teapot above!  A win-win 😉 Find the bulk tea HERE

On Mara’s Book Shelf

  • The One Thing by Gary Keller: This book really (and I mean, REALLY) changed the way I view my business and balance.  Gary Keller makes really great arguments about focusing on the ONE thing that gets you the farthest all while letting go of the thought of “balance” and takes it to another level.  SUCH a good read that you can grab HERE
  • Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst: Lysa is such an inspiration to me.  She is full of so much wisdom when it comes to living a life that you want…on purpose.  This book, in particular, helps you to overcome life’s rejections.  It is so so so good and warming.  Get your copy HERE
  • Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist:  This is a great ready if you feel busy, overwhelmed and like you aren’t going anywhere in life.  Shauna invites you to literally change your life.  Right now.  You won’t regret investing in this BOOK
  • The Help by Kathryn Stockett:  Oh my goodness, one of my FAVORITE stories.  I could read this book over and over again…and then watch the movie over and over again.  The story is beautiful about the Mississipi house maids back in the 60s.  Full of laughs, tears and love, you gotta get your copy HERE
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