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The Meaning Behind Our Bracelets

There is so much meaning behind our prayer bracelets to me.  First, it is a symbol of religion for me.  The meaning behind each bracelet is tied into Christianity.  Each bracelet represents that meaning to me and is a reminder of God’s promises to us.   I view them as a way to always have a reminder of God with me.  I also see them as a symbol of companionship in motherhood.  We had religion and mothers as our driving force behind these bracelets.  These bracelets symbolize sharing one of the greatest blessings of all with so many other women—being a mother.  It is a great reminder that we are not alone in our walk through motherhood, both spiritually and physically.  Lastly, they are a symbol of self.  The colors of the beads each have a representation of components of one’s life.  The bracelets are a great reminder of all of your blessings and to stay centered with God.    ~Megan


I’ve practiced yoga for 11 years now (I can’t believe it has been that long!). And for some time, I found healing in my physical body and mentally. Yoga gave me an opportunity to breathe, to slow down, and to feel good about my entire body. And so I really got into everything yoga. I bought the best yoga mat, a full set of props, became a certified yoga instructor, and wear mala beads almost every single day. I love what I do, helping people experience what I experienced through movement and breath techniques.

But it wasn’t until I started meditating and really understanding what that felt like, especially when I implemented intentions and mantras. How I was able to center myself, become more grounded, and let all of the anxiety and “lumpy stuff” roll off my shoulders and onto my mat.

As a Christ follower, I started wondering about the art of meditation. You know, in the Bible it says that we are to meditate on the words of the scriptures and on God. Check it out in Psalm 119:15, Isaiah 26:3, and Joshua 1:8. God wants us to meditate on Him and on His promises, our blessings, and what He has done for us (and will do for us). Because of that, I started shifting my yoga practice to reflect God’s instructions.

And so, for me, these bracelets help me to do just that. They hold so much meaning, so much more than a Bible verse, but an opportunity to fix my eyes and my heart on God above, and on the many blessings that He has given to me and to my family.

Our hope is that our bracelets bring you joy. That they remind you, every single day to thank God for this amazing life, how He has blessed you in the good, and the not so good. I hope that you find hope when you wear these bracelets. That you use them to pray over your precious moments, and the storms. That the beads and the meaning behind them bring you courage and strength through Christ Jesus. That you know that you are loved, and that we are praying for you.




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